Thalamore - a wielder of unspeakable power through the magic he acts as a conduit for.


Dr Greg Callus is a psychiatrist on the upper east side of town. Running a modest practice, but making a pretty good living. He moved to the city about 3 years ago, as he purchased the practice from a retiring psychiatrist. But as took up practice, he may have purchased more than he bargained. The retiring psychiatrist was a Dr Otto Keller, and he approached Callus about an apprenticeship of sorts. Callus eager to learn all he could jumped at the opportunity. At first Callus was skeptical in regards to the magic that Keller referred to, but his eyes were opened by the power Keller wielded. Callus excelled at his training, and after three long years he has absorbed all that Keller has to teach him. Armed with the magical powers of the Black Friar, and the mantle of Thalamore the Red – he has taken up the hunt for the Harbingers, and protector of the city.Harbinger by yamao d3cim2i

The Black Friars

During the inquisition (circa 1216 AD) it was found that a coven hiding in the south of France had achieved something that had never deemed possible before – they had opened a portal to hell. With the opening of this demonic portal they had let the souls of the wretched and vile that were condemned to hell inhabit their bodies. Although the portal was only opened for a moment, it allowed what has become known as “les treize signes avant-coureurs de la mort” or “the thirteen harbingers of death”. I was upon discovery of these events that spurred Pope Gregory IX to form the Dominican Order. This order was tasked with carrying out inquisitions, but more importantly to track down and return those souls back to Hell.

The Dominican Order has had mixed results over the years, but they have been able to banish a few of the harbingers. Some of the more notable ones since the formation of the Order have been the hunting and inquisition of Gilles De Rais, who was tried and hanged in 1440. The Order also found roots in London during the 1800’s whey they dispatched the true monster in which the novel of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “ Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. As Robert Louis was brought in to help the Order as a consultant for tracking down the monster he later dubbed Mr Hyde in his novel. Near the end of the 1800’s the order would dispatch the most elusive prey they had ever encountered – Jack the Ripper. It was through this pursuit that the Order made a startling revelation – the 13 were able to channel some power from hell allowing them to manipulating their surroundings or to enhance themselves. With the case of Mr Hyde – they were able to deduce that he was able to channel power in order to increase his strength and stature, as well as his resistance to harm. With Jack the Ripper, he was able to transport through mist or fog with little effort, allowing him to avoid capture on many occasions. It was at this point the Dominican Order began to divide.

A splinter group which became known within the order as the Black Friars began to pour over the confiscated texts of the order from the variety of inquisitions applied over the years. It was found that many of them held no true power (although that would never become publically known), but a few exotic texts did contain avenues to magic. The Black Friars began to study these texts in order to apply the knowledge within against their elusive and their powerful foes. The thought was to fight fire with fire and this worked. In the course of a decade the Black Friars were able to locate and dispatch three of the thirteen, something that required centuries to achieve before. The Order had become divided within its own ranks. The Black Friars had begun to amass some wealth over the course of the decade, looting the lairs of the thirteen that they found. By the end of the 1800’s the Dominican Order had suffered as a variety of revolutionary wars had been fought throughout Europe. The Black Friars had taken this as an opportunity from God to go underground and continue their mission.

The Black Friars had designated that only thirteen of their numbers would wield the powers that they have discovered over the years. As one of their order would step down or fall in battle they would train another to take his place, but the name would carry on (the moniker at the end was optional to the new bearer), as a symbol of the immortality of the order. The Holy Thirteen as they were dubbed would be:

  • Thalamore the Red
  • Jacob the White
  • Edmond the Gray
  • Frederic the Black
  • Solomon the Bold
  • Horace the Grim
  • Nicholas the Claw
  • Silas the Sly
  • Eli the Immortal
  • Stephen the Blade
  • Alexander the Great
  • Jasper the redeemer
  • Conrad the Hunter

Flash forwarding to today the Thirteen have battled in a variety of battlefield, in most cases wherever you can find corruption, death or disasters, you will find one of the Harbingers. These things are constantly monitored around the world, and 9 of the Holy Thirteen have been given an area to watch over, while the remaining 4 are given governance over the whole planet and lend help to the 9 when needed. It has recently come to the attention of the Black Friars that the harbingers are searching for a way to reopen the gate to hell, to free even more of their black souled brothers, but they are lacking something. The only hope is that the Black Friars find it before the Harbingers do.


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