World In Chaos

New Sherrif's In Town

Start, opening, campaign

A desperate storm has swept down interrupting my lunch. Besides that, it seems to have dropped some sort of mutated beings right here in Yellow Brick Row. Now the sushi here is to die for, but this may have been a bit over the top. Dropping my chopsticks I moved to repel these out of control powered individuals before anyone could get hurt. But the eminent collapse of a nearby office building and a apartment building slowed my response, but from the looks of things I wasn’t alone. I guess all superheroes need a lunch break, and like I said this part of town has the best sushi (but I doubt that rock guy eats sushi).

In any event we were able to dispatch the band of misfits, while all the while forming a unusual bond with the other heroes of the day. We have been dubbed The Vanguard, and the citizens are now looking to us to be the protectors of the city – something that, while I don’t mind doing, wasn’t my original intent for moving to Emerald City. Apparently our actions have attracted the attention of Mr Mars – some big wig technology mogul in town – and he wants to put us up in “the Emerald Tower” some eyesore that can been seen from just about any corner of Emerald City. At first blush, I’m not sure that I trust this guy Mars. He may be just looking for some crash test dummies to throw his technological beta tests at, or be wanting to use us as some impromptu poster boys for some publicity for his company. Either way I’m not sure that our own techno-geek Jack Vandal is going to like that very much – since he was coming to Emerald City to be a direct competitor to Mars.

This should be interesting, and did I mention that the wall to Mars’ office just blew open and a group of super powered flunkies just walked through. I think Dingo just shit his pants, but then again most Australians smell that way – or so I’m told.



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